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Using industry leading technology and quality assured practices, we offer site surveys, monitoring, inspection, modelling and more. Often utilised for the following projects, we are capable of working across industrial and commercial sectors alike:

  • Roof & building inspections
  • Energy sector inspections eg.wind turbines
  • Site visual / thermal inspecting
  • Real time monitoring

Surveying and industrial inspection


For our aerial and topographical surveys, we utilise the latest technologies and training to bring cost effective solutions with remarkably detailed and versatile results.

Topographical work is carried out using GPS plotting technology to create 3D models of landscapes, the screenshot below shows this in progress. Click here to learn more about topographic survey services, including 3D mesh models.

drone UAV photogrammetry and 3d modelling surveys

Photography & Video

From tourism to sport, agriculture to forestry, we undertake projects across a wide range of insutries and sectors in a variety of environments. If you have the requirements, we provide the vision.

  • Real estate
  • Sport
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Search and Rescue
  • Film and art

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